quotes_SmallJust wanted to say thank you to Creative Manuscript Services for the help you have given me in my novel.

As it stands, I have gone from a 75k word mess to a complete manuscript of approximately 105,000 words (including the removal of about 12000 words of filler), and the story itself feels like it is much more solid, with less loose ends and unnecessarily forced subplots.

I’m now able to give a full manuscript to my test readers, and after any resultant editing, am confident enough to submit it to a publisher.

Also, most of all, even though the story isn’t quite what I started with, I really like it, and am looking forward to sharing it with others!

~Nathan J. Phillips


quotes_SmallI am most grateful to Chris Andrews, a Canberra writer and editor, for his excellent work in lifting the quality of my fiction novel.

Since we both reside in Canberra, we agreed to meet to discuss the intentions and purpose of my novel.

We also discussed his role in line-editing so as to ensure a cohesive story of characters and events.

Chris indicated he could complete the editing within three weeks. He met this deadline which reflected his professionalism.

I again met Chris who explained what he had done.

What impressed me most was his attention to detail in analyses, advice on ‘how to improve dialogue and story specifics’, and recommendations to polish the key themes of the story.

~Peter de Souza


quotes_SmallI was very impressed with report I received from Creative Manuscript Services on the opening scene of my novel. 

They provided me with an in-depth and insightful analysis that covered all aspects of my writing such as tone, conflict, POV etc in a clear and concise manner.

Most importantly, they really “got” my story, characters, and what I was trying to achieve with the scene, and gave me some invaluable advice on how to improve it.

All in all, I would thoroughly recommend their services based on this report.

~Mark Mercieca


quotes_SmallI was just telling [a friend] a few days ago, how amazingly helpful your feedback was and very thorough and detailed for only a first scene [First Scene Report].

On the online submission form, I loved that you asked what were the goals of the first scene. Something I thought about when I first wrote it eons ago, but was really good to bring that mindset into the present as I do final revisions.

I really appreciated the presentation of your feedback, well laid out and easy to read and understand.

You gave me a lot to think about, not just for the first scene, but for the novel overall.

The changes I made as a result of your feedback very much strengthened my first scene, so many, many thanks.

~Sonja Thomas


quotes_SmallThanks so much!

I think your advice was really detailed and specific. I am really glad I got another set of eyes and I will spread the word to my friends and on social media.

~Shiane Salabie


quotes_SmallI found the report most positive. How you came up with the items you did and how they all fit together is beyond me. I don’t ever think of things like tone or setting or juxtapositions when I’m writing. I just put it down and go with it.

I feel like the suggestions you made will benefit the story. I’m going to add them to my rewrite notes.

~Glen Perkins


quotes_SmallI was surprised by a lot of things. How quickly my edits were returned. How insightful and in-depth the edit had been. And, most pleasantly, how positive the feedback was.

Editing is all about picking up on problems, but the areas for development were evenly balanced with positive points. I can already see how much this will improve my work.

It left me feeling energised and ready to go, despite the huge amount of developmental changes I now realise I need to make!

~Angeline Trevena


Iquotes_Small went over the report this weekend.

It went beyond my expectations, really. I can’t even imaging putting that much effort into a full length manuscript. It was well thought out, much deeper than I was expecting.

I’ve got a thick skin, but you were professional and didn’t put ME down at all, just noted places my writing could be boosted. You gave good suggestions instead of just saying ‘this isn’t right’. I really appreciated that. Especially when you noted ways to make it more personal for Balin and to include that ticking timebomb concept.

I can’t really think of anything you could improve on. As I said, you went far and beyond so I was delighted by the report.   🙂

~Vanessa MacLellan


quotes_Small It [First Scene Report] is very helpful and encouraging. I will now go back and try to make the improvements you suggest.  

~Viv Sang


quotes_Small You use more detailed reports than most other creative writing services.

~Shuriti S

What are your thoughts?

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