Whether you’re just starting out with a glimmer of idea and you’re not sure where to take it, or you have a completed manuscript you just can’t seem to ‘get right’, Creative Manuscript Services can help with our Mentoring program.

There are two simple options.

  • CMS Mentoring Services LogoBy-the-month mentoring is intended for people with specific issues within their story.

    For example:

    • it’s not holding together well as a story
    • the beginning’s not grabbing attention or drawing readers on
    • it has structural problems you can’t seem to figure out
    • people aren’t reacting quite the way you want them to following a beta read.
    • The characters are fine, but you need help with world-building.

    Whatever the issue, contact us with the details and we’ll be happy to take a look without any obligation.

    If we believe we can help, we’ll let you know exactly what we can offer.

    That may include:

    • suggestions on how to find the best solution for you
    • practical activities designed to help you figure out any missing story elements
    • helping you achieve a new perspective on your story
    • direct feedback and critiquing on the story itself.


    Our regular price is just $120 per month – a coffee-a-day costs more. That’s just $30 a week for four face-to-face sessions.

    It’s guaranteed to help or your money back!

    If you’re still not sure, contact us for a chat and we’ll discuss your needs – obligation free, of course.

  • CMS Mentoring Services LogoIf you have a long-term project such as a novel or series of novels, we’ll work with you for a full year to help ensure you achieve the best possible chance at the outcome you want.

    We’ll start by helping you create a solid story premise you can use to keep yourself on track during your writing (it also works fantastic with a query letter or blurb), and then identify all the major elements your story will need (or might be missing or misplaced if you’ve already written a draft or outline).

    We’ll then show you how to use that information to create a detailed, structurally sound and engaging story overview intended to grab attention and meet or exceed readers’ expectations.

    More specifically, we’ll help you:

    • find your story’s story premise and distil it into a single sentence
    • discover your theme
    • identify all the elements you’ll need in your:
      • introduction
      • beginning
      • middle
      • end
    • develop character arcs
    • develop plot arcs
    • produce a dynamic, comprehensive overview/outline from which you can create (or rework) your novel.

    Once you have your story sorted and ready to go, we’ll help you set some goals and stay with you for the remainder of the twelve months to provide feedback, support and encouragement.

    That means checking in weekly.

    We’ll do our best to ensure you to meet your goals or help you adjust them to cater to anything that crops up in your life.

    Contact Creative Manuscript Services to discuss your story project – obligation free.


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