Manuscript Assessments

Thanks for your response. It is very helpful and encouaging. I will now go back and try to make the improvements you suggest.

A Manuscript Assessment Report from Creative Manuscript Services provides relevant, targeted and detailed feedback designed to help you improve your story.

We’ll begin with a face-to-face or online consultation to discuss your project and writing goals, with the aim of finding out exactly what you want to achieve with your story.

Following that, we will deliver a broad analysis of:

  • what works
  • what’s missing
  • what needs improving (and most importantly, how to go about it).

We aim to ensure that readers love your story as much as you do so they’ll want to tell everyone they know about it.

Our report will break your story down and:

  • provide a detailed analyse your story
  • offer insights into its strengths and weaknesses
  • target elements that need improvement
  • give you specific, detailed solutions to any problems.

You’ll receive a detailed analysis of:

  • Character
  • Dialogue
  • Structure
  • World building
  • Conflict & Threat
  • Theme
  • Style & Technique

Furthermore, the report will help you:You use more detailed reports than most other writing services. I appreciate that.

  • determine whether or not your story is meeting your goals
  • understand your story from a reader’s perspective to help you figure out what you may need to adjust
  • discover what areas can be strengthened without compromising your story’s integrity, ideas or originality.


  • $10 per 1000 words.

Simply contact Creative Manuscript Services and book a report.


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