Conflux 11 – Workshops, Panels and Fun

"Thank You" Certificate of Appreciation.

If you’ve never been to a writing convention, you’re missing out.

They’re a great place to meet other writers, attend free or cheap workshops, and listen to experienced writers discussing all kinds of writing-related topics.

There’s also the social side where you can catch up with friends a bar or coffee shop and talk, attend book launches, and even chat to famous writers, booksellers and publishers.

Volunteering is also a great way to gain invaluable knowledge and industry contacts.

At Conflux 11, I sat on three panels:

  • Page Turners with Richard Harland and Sean Williams
  • Writers Block with Richard Harland, Karen Simpson Nikakis, Shauna O’Meara and Katie Taylor
  • Writing Communities (pictured below) with Belinda Crawford, Elizabeth Fitzgerald and Tara Ott.

I also gave two workshops:

  • Creating Compelling Characters
  • Polishing Your Pitch (aimed at writers pitching to publishers and agents during the convention)

All in all, I had a thoroughly enjoyable time and I’m looking forward to Conflux 12 in 2016.

If you’d like to engage me to run a workshop for your writing group, please contact me. I can cover almost any writing topic you’d like.

Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Belinda Crawford, Chris Andrews, Tara Ott
L-R: Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Belinda Crawford, Chris Andrews, Tara Ott (in costume)


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