CIT evening course – the details

Short Courses at CITIf you’ve ever wanted to write a novel, my upcoming Novel Writing course at the CIT may be for you. All you need is a story idea and a desire to create something out of it.

If you’re an experienced writer and you’ve already written a novel (or several), but can’t seem to ‘get it right’, this course should help you turn your work into something readers will appreciate.

Evening 1 – 10 August

Understanding your writing strengths and weaknesses

Developing your story’s premise

Evening 2 – 17 August

Compelling characters

Evening 3 – 31 August

Story Structure – beyond beginnings, middles, and endings

Evening 4 – 7 September

Engaging readers.

Developing your story into a cohesive whole

Evening 5 – 14 September

The elements of story craft

Evening 6 – 21 September

Writing software

Agents, editors, publishers, self publishing


Each evening will contain a mix of practical exercises and easy-to-understand information, and there will be plenty of time during and in-between classes to apply what you learn to your writing projects.

By the end of the course you should have a solid understanding of what you need to do to develop a novel into an engaging read that people will want to share.

Novel Writing at the CIT

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