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  • About CMSCreative Manuscript Services provides professional manuscript assessment, mentoring, proofreading and editing services aimed at preparing your work for commercial publication or submission to publishers.

    We love working with writers at all stages of their careers, and cater to all genres and sub-genres. This includes:

    • crime
    • science fiction
    • fantasy
    • horror
    • romance
    • young adult
    • biography
    • autobiography
    • memoir
    • self help
    • business needs.

    We accept short stories, anthologies, novellas, novels, and non-fiction of all sorts. Contact us obligation free to discuss your needs.

  • Chris Andrews - head and shoulders shotChris Andrews is a professional writer and editor.

    His love of reading led him to study professional writing at the University of Canberra, after which he honed his craft in a range of writing-related jobs, including a decade as an editor at CSIRO.

    He currently contracts as a writer to various government and private organisations.

    His passion, however, is his Creative Manuscript Services, and teaching writing. Chris presents evening writing courses at CIT Solutions, as well as workshops at writers centres and conventions.

    His first novel was shortlisted in both the QWC/Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program and the HarperCollins Varuna Award for Manuscript Development, and has since been picked up by Satalyte Publishing.

    His literary agent is Ineke Prochezka from the Book Harvest Literary Agency.

    You can read his writing-related ramblings via his blog at: http://fandelyon.com.

    Feedback from workshop participants:

    “I found Foundations of Structure and Story to be an enjoyable, engaging, inspiring, and enlightening course. Chris is welcoming and approachable. He uses a mixture of relatable mediums (for example – text, video, and music), as well as short writing exercises and class brain storming, to impart technical information whilst improving the skills of participants.” Brooke Perkins

    “Thanks Chris – Workshop was awesome.” Jo Clay

    “Chris provided the tools I am looking for. Vital keys to character development. Resource use was excellent.” Margo

    “Thanks. I’ve solved a few problems in my work. It was a shame it wasn’t a longer workshop, like a whole weekend.” Mary-Ellen

    Thanks Chris – for my part I found your workshop extremely helpful. Thank you again, Stuart.” Stuart Boag

    “Excellent presentation! I found that Chris had highly worthwhile ideas for construction & development of characters as well as tips for enriching how well you have gone with your writing of such.” Peter

    Thank you from M J Morrison following Confluc Workshop





    Thank you from Wade following Conflux Workshop




    Chris Andrews and workshop participants.
    Waiting for all the participants to arrive for the ‘Planning and Structuring a Novel’ workshop at Conflux 2014.


    Giving a workshop and sitting on a panel - Conflux 2014
    Giving a workshop and sitting on a panel with Donna Maree Hanson and Richard Harland at Conflux 2014

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